Pixie Mischief || Tink and Anyone



The forest was very quiet, despite the wind that blew through that rustle the leaves for seconds. Tinkerbell lay on a large tree branch, sleeping the day away. Fairy Mary had nothing for her to do back at Pixie Hollow, so she decided to fly to the Main Land for a bit. She had found this calm, serene forest a while ago and decided it as her secret hideout. No human had ever found her - nor a magical being. So a nap was always okay here.

Growing restless inside the Castle, Howl bid Calcifer a quick farewell and headed out for the day. He had changed the door destinations again, always testing new places, wanting to keep on the move and well hidden from the Witch, and this time found himself in a dense green forest. It was quiet, save for the birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves; the perfect place to clear his head, like he had intended to do upon leaving. 

He dove further into the forest, pushing past any foliage that might be in his way, and happened to come to a low hanging tree branch. Without thinking, he grabbed hold of the branch and snapped it backwards, away from him so he could pass, not knowing that a small faerie slept upon its leaves. 

Awoken by the initial sound of the branch snapping, Tinkerbell flung off of the tree branch in which she usually slept. The trajectory threw ten feet away, almost into another tree. Fortunately, she landed on a small patch of moss, but her head still ached from impact.

What could have happened? she thought. She stood up, brushed herself off, and looked around. Finally, she found the cause of pain. A tall, gangly man with an odd outfit. He didn’t seem to be very familiar to the forest as he was running quite blindly through it. Jumping up into flight, she quickly flew to his destination. Tink could feel her face filled with blood, most likely turning it bright red.

"What do you think you’re doing? You can’t just be pushing and yanking and snapping branches all willy nilly! You don’t know what could be there," she continued on and on, not realized the chance that he could perhaps not understand the language of a pixie.